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Making Work Safer

Video: Eliminating Catastrophic Events

Despite advances in process safety, major incidents continue to bring harm to people, the environment, and industry. This video discusses a new approach to catastrophic event prevention.

Too Busy for Safety? Learn Six Ways to Boost Follow Through

“Too busy” is an often stated reason why many of us fall short of owning our commitments. Here are six ways to increase safety commitment follow through.

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Coaching Feedback: 3 Tips for Winning Performance

It's easy to provide feedback. But does it always make an impact? Read this post and learn some tips for providing insightful effective feedback that goes beyond "nice job."

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Is Your Safety Vision Behavioral?

What sorts of behaviors should you see when all leaders are driving toward your inspirational (zero harm) safety vision? Here are some examples.

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NSC Preview 2014

BST's safety experts discuss current and emerging issues at the 2014 NSC Congress and Expo.

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Bring Your Safety Vision to Life

It takes work to bring safety vision to life, but you can start with three basic questions.

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Identify Bias. Improve Safety.

Cognitive biases may have little to no harm on us when performing low-risk everyday activities. However, in safety, cognitive bias can often lead to poor decision making with unfortunate consequences.

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Weak Signals and the Importance of Speaking Up

In plants where process safety is important, creating and having a culture where employees react to the smallest of changes and feel comfortable to say something about it is very important to prevent catastrophic events.

Why Engagement Matters: The Secret Benefits of a Committed Workforce

The first step to driving engagement is to understand why it matters. More than just a "nice to do" effective employee engagement can transform the organization especially when it comes to safety performance.

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Control Exposures at Home with the Blood, Break, and Bruise Awareness Card

Take safety home with you! BST is excited to announce that our Blood, Break, and Bruise awareness card is ready for download.