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6 Things to “Check Twice” on Your Holiday Safety List

Let’s work on a safety “To-Do List” this year, one that helps reduce exposures to common injuries that are more prevalent during the holidays.

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From the Plant Floor to the Ball Field, Safety Requires Leadership

A great leader strives to create a culture that puts the safety of the employee ahead of production. This is the type of leader you want your son or daughter to work for. Ask yourself these questions to distinguish the good from the great.

The Injury-Reporting Conundrum: Why Won’t People Say They’re Hurt?

Understanding the factors that discourage injury reporting can help leaders build a culture that supports open communication, preventative measures, and care for afflicted individuals.

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What Does Transformational Leadership REALLY Look Like?

We know that transformational leaders exhibit four dimensions of leadership style: influencing, inspiring, engaging, and challenging. But what does transformational leadership really look like?

Taking Safety Home: 4 Ways Leaders Can Lead the Effort

Here are four ideas for you to consider in helping employees follow the same rigor at home as they do in the workplace.

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It’s time to take magical thinking out of safety leadership

Defining norms for a robust and active safety leadership across industry is work for multiple hands. Here are four principles to follow.

Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Visible Expression of Employee Engagement

You can identify if employees feel engaged, but what’s more important is how that feeling results in a difference in what they actually do. Enter Organizational Citizenship Behavior.

Top Companies in Health, Safety, and Environment Receive 2014 DEKRA Award

Honoring exemplary projects in safety, health and environment, DEKRA recognized three companies for their innovations and performance in these specific areas.

Video: Protecting Front-Line Employees

Organizations and leaders must shift from traditional behavior-based safety methods to a more comprehensive, tailored approach. This video discusses the elements necessary to achieve safer work performance.

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Leadership Development

In today’s Oil & Gas world we have lost sight of the primary role of a leader, which is to develop others to develop others. How do we rediscover it? Where do we start?