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It’s Where You’re Coming From, not Where You Come From

Where are you coming from with your leadership style and behaviours? I promise you that counts for more than where you were born.

Campbell Institute Features BST’s Colin Duncan in its “Meet a CEO” Spotlight

Campbell Institute recently selected a group of EHS leaders to share their insight on safety leadership and excellence. In his video, chief executive officer Colin Duncan introduces BST and discusses leaving a sustainable safety legacy.

Video: Applying Exposure Recognition and Response

In this video, Ryan Roark discusses how AkzoNobel uses exposure recognition and response to effectively detect (and respond to) work exposures.

Staying Safe: It’s About Learning, not Lessons

The only way to get to better performance—and a more strategic role in the organization—is to exceed the quality and depth of how we learn from events and other safety data.

Don’t Just Do Something, STAND There!

Is quick action always appropriate? At times it proves crucial to do nothing more than “stand there” and determine a best course of action and the readiness to act.

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Comprehensive Safety – Questions to Ask for Your Best Foot Forward

Organizations that want to move towards a more comprehensive approach to safety, should ask these questions of their existing safety initiatives.

Three Steps to Removing Cognitive Bias from Safety Decisions

It’s the task of every safety leader to identify and understand their key “thinking exposures.” Raising awareness about them will help us make better decisions.

Cool Hand Clint: Process Safety Leadership in Action

Here are three leadership actions that can help build organizational resilience in your organization.

Video: Eliminating Catastrophic Events

Despite advances in process safety, major incidents continue to bring harm to people, the environment, and industry. This video discusses a new approach to catastrophic event prevention.

Too Busy for Safety? Learn Six Ways to Boost Follow Through

“Too busy” is an often stated reason why many of us fall short of owning our commitments. Here are six ways to increase safety commitment follow through.

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