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Making Work Safer

How Safety Leaders Can Start the Sustainability Discussion

In leading organizations, HSE leaders play a special role in guiding the sustainability discussion while helping to transform safety from a priority into a core value.

DEKRA Releases Road Safety Report 2014

Most accidents occur in urban areas in the EU; in addition, most injuries are sustained in built-up areas. The 2014 DEKRA Road Safety Report addresses the challenges of urban mobility and presents solutions for improving driving safety.

Making Better Safety Decisions: Overcoming Availability Bias

How does the Availability bias play out in safety? Learn how to recognize and overcome this bias to make better safety decisions.

Five Questions to Check the Health of Your Safety Communication

Good communication plays a major part in helping organisations create a culture that supports safety. Here are five questions to help you assess effective communication in your organization.

3 Insights and an Update: Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention in the Oil and Gas Fields

In attacking serious injuries and fatalities (SIF’s) with over 40 clients in high-exposure industries (including O&G), and talking with dozens more to address this issue on their own, some insights have emerged. Here they are.

Gaining Employee Allegiance: Leadership Actions for Building a Culture of Commitment

What can leaders do to gain employee allegiance and move the culture from sole compliance to one that is truly committed to the company’s mission? Research reveals four actions leaders can focus on to get the ball rolling.

Sustainability and Safety: An Overview of How Safety Leaders can Help Build Green Enterprise

The white paper, Sustainability and safety: 6 ways HSE leaders can help their organizations “do good,” discusses solutions for creating coherent and effective sustainability practices in your organization.

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Creating Safety Accountability: Overcoming the Discipline Dilemma

There are three principles leaders can draw on to foster safety accountability in their organization.

A Family Approach to Driving Safer

How can you put driving safety on the family agenda? Here are five best practices.

A Breakthrough Approach to Eliminating Serious Injuries and Fatalities

BST’s new white paper: "Reducing Exposure to Serious Injuries and Fatalities: Adapting the Hierarchy of Controls" clarifies why serious and fatal injuries are different from other injury types, and details what leaders can do right now to begin eliminating these grave events.