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Making Work Safer

Why Engagement Matters: The Secret Benefits of a Committed Workforce

The first step to driving engagement is to understand why it matters. More than just a "nice to do" effective employee engagement can transform the organization especially when it comes to safety performance.

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Control Exposures at Home with the Blood, Break, and Bruise Awareness Card

Take safety home with you! BST is excited to announce that our Blood, Break, and Bruise awareness card is ready for download.

Below the Waterline: Leading Indicators of Safety Performance

Safety metrics attempt to predict future incidents, but often only provide a murky view of what's below the waterline. That’s why organizations need to get as many eyes on the threat as possible, and look at leading indicators to help advance safety performance.

Video: Preventing Serious and Fatal Injury

This video suggests what organizations can start doing to prevent serious injuries and fatalities.

Priming the Right Behaviors: Questions that Influence and Impact Safety

Priming can be used to increase the chances that a person will engage in safe behaviors. But you have to ask the right questions to get the intended results.

Getting Engagement Right

Getting safety right requires everyone’s willing participation — and more than their participation, their active and wholehearted engagement.

What Makes Them Tick? How to Ensure Engagement at all Levels

Safety means something specific at different levels of the organization. In order to know how to engage each level, we must first understand what makes them tick.

Behavior-Based Safety: Getting It Right

Organizations “who get it” know that BBS can be a powerful approach to safety performance improvement. Here are some critical elements for getting BBS right.

Insight from the Best Resource: How Families Can Manage Exposures at Home

While doing one of the most typical household chores, The Musgraves found and addressed common (yet often overlooked) outdoor exposures. Read the story here.

3 Steps to Improve Employee Performance with Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important tools in a leader’s kit. Here's a three-step plan to help leaders deliver performance assessments that are informative, specific, and goal oriented, leveraging feedback to fuel these conversations.