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Transforming leadership: How leaders create high performing safety cultures

By: Jim Spigener – May 2, 2013
My ability to influence, inspire, challenge, and engage people comes down to my ability to change the way employees view me and the way they view themselves.
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Why BBS Still Matters

By: Jim Spigener – October 4, 2012
BBS has proven  successful when using certain practices and principles and continues to address important issues that safety leaders still deal with (and likely will always deal with) today.
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VIDEO: Is Stop-Work Authority Compatible with Operational Reliability?

By: Jim Spigener – August 10, 2012
Safety excellence depends on getting people to “do the right thing at the right time” consistently and reliably. How one widely-used intervention model sometimes gets in the way.
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Leading from Within

By: Jim Spigener- July 3, 2012
Overcoming the inertia of our own personalities requires a strong motivator—and few things are stronger than our personal values.
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4 Ways Safety Professionals Undermine Their Success

By: Jim Spigener – December 6, 2011
Changing business realities – from globalization to changing risks and organizational structures – present safety professionals with a new opportunity. But to realize this opportunity, it becomes imperative to avoid the pitfalls. Continue reading